John Menard Of Eau Claire Wealthiest Wisconsinite

The founder of the Menard's home improvement chain, headquartered in Eau Claire, is the wealthiest Wisconsinite according to a new Forbes ranking.

The magazine estimates John Menard's worth at five billion dollars. The Eau Claire entrepreneur far ahead of the next wealthiest person in Wisconsin, Herbert Kohler. His net worth is estimated at about two billion dollars.

Menard tied with ten others for number 114th on the world list. His net worth is up from three-point-eight billion last year.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is still perched atop the Forbes list with a net worth of 50 billion dollars.

He's been the world's richest person for the past 12 years.

Forbes says there are now 793 billionaires, thanks in part to emerging stock markets overseas, including Russia and India.