Cheney In Wisconsin Takes Swipe At Feingold

Vice President Dick Cheney told Wisconsin supports Monday that terrorists who were at war with the US long before September 11th are now testing America's resolve in Iraq.

Speaking at a fundraiser for State Representative John Gard in De Pere, Cheney says progress in Iraq has not come easily, but it is "steady."

Cheney also talked about Democratic Wisconsin US Senator Russ Feingold's resolution to censure the president over domestic wiretapping. He calls the senator's resolution an "outrageous proposition." Cheney's first mention of Feingold drew boos. The Vice President smiled and told the crowd not to hold back.

About 400 people paid $500.00 each for the luncheon to support Gard's bid to win the 8th Congressional District seat in northeast Wisconsin now held by Mark Green. Green is running for governor.