Wicked Weather hits Western Wisconsin

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When Monday morning's wicked weather hit, schools were closed, roads were closed and rescue and tow crews were scrambling to handle it all.
It's something you see in Los Angeles or New York, but this was St. Croix county's gridlock, and it trailed all the way to Dunn County.
"Traffic was at standstill most of the day," says Sergeant Dori Petznick with the Wisconsin State Patrol says troopers spent all day trying to untangle this mess. "Normally we'd have one or two in that area," she said. Sergeant Petznick says semi trucks had the toughest time getting going. "We did the best we could hard for plows to get through... It was a tough day," she says.
While the plows could barely squeeze through this, the plows in Eau Claire were hopping.
Eau Claire maintenence manager Mike barnhardt says 40 plows spent the day scraping away the heavy inches of snow, "we've got 250 residential and 325 miles of routes."

All of Eau Claire's big equipment was out and you can bet all of the tow trucks were out. But still, cars and drivers had to wait, but the the patrol says it didn't see a lot of injuries out there. "Mostly sliding and getting stuck, we were lucky that way," Petznick says.

So if you want to be a bit more lucky on the roads, the advice is plan ahead.

"Pay attention in the morning, It could freeze up so pay attention to that," Petznick says.