Two-Foot Snow Blanket in Barron

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It seems for every foot of snow in the city of Barron, there's been misfortune for Kermit Cantner.

He wasn't always shoveling, though.

Monday afternoon the plan was to take care of his driveway with the trusty snowblower.

"Part of the back back there done. Made three or four trips. Just went dead on me. The fuel pump went out."

Leaving one heck of a project for him and his wife to finish before their daughter needs to take her car to work.

"I shoveled till midnight last night," he said.

The thing is, the city's plow drivers have worked about as many hours.

"All the streets are clear and driveable, we just have some furrows down the middle," Street Superintendent Dave Hanson said.

And Kermit probably won't be the only one to sigh and shovel this week.

"Always get snowblowers in right away after a snowstorm," said Craig Anderson, President of M.L. Anderson & Sons.

Their customers get a reminder to run those engines dry at the end of winter.

"That helps a lot for startin' em' in the fall and keeping the carburettors clean."

Most snowblowers will pick up 18 inches of snow, but in some parts of Barron, they got almost two feet.

Experts say that's not to much for one of those machines to pick up, it just makes the job more tedious, though it's nothing compared to what Kermit's got on his plate.

"This is the most snow I've seen here since I've been living here."

Making this one of the worst times to be stuck with hardly anything more than a shovel.