Earn A Buck

Earn A Buck
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Earning that prize winning buck this coming season isn't going to be as easy as planned. The state's Natural Resources Board approved a plan today requiring deer hunters in parts of Wisconsin to kill antler less deer before going after bucks.
DNR Scott Humrickhouse tells hunters they might already be qualified to get that buck though---that's if they got a doe last season in particular zones now listed as earn a buck.
If so, those hunters can expect a sticker automatically sent to them before the season begins.
“It's kind of a bitter pill for hunters to swallow and we understand that,” says Humrickhouse, “We're only using it because we really don't have any other tricks in our bag right now.”
Right now, DNR officials estimate there are over a quarter of a million more deer than necessary.
Earn a buck has only been enforced two other times in Wisconsin, in 1996 and 2004.