Rock Paper Scissors Wins to Take Eau Claire Man to Vegas

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Someday, when he looks back on his second trip to Las Vegas, Matt Makovec will think of his best friend Jason Albers.

"After days of deciding, he figured me and him would make a good tag team duo in the city of Las Vegas."

They were out having drinks at The Brat in Eau Claire a week and a half ago, when "liquid courage" brought them to a rock paper scissors competition going on at 1-end of the place.

"We kind of looked at each other and decided 'hey, let's give it a gamble,' and signed on up."

"I was pretty confident," Albers said.

Both guys made it to the final bout, where Jason beat his buddy.

"It actually went to the last hand we could actually play and Jason beat me on that last hand," Makovec said.

He played again the following night, this time down the street at the Nasty Habit. The result was the same, this time around, he came away with the trip, and a chance to win a lot of cash.

Word got around quickly at Mancino's, where Jason works as a cook.

"We're hoping that he wins, although, if he does, he probably won't work here anymore, so we'll be losing a good employee!"

Jason says there is a little skill involved in the game that's taking him to Vegas, looking for "rock jaw," and essentially reading minds.

"I don't know if my chances are that great, but i'm going to try my best and try to take home that $50,000."

And with a best friend and RPS player along for the ride, he'll likely have the 3-word mantra "Trust Your Gut" pounded into his thoughts during a potentially memorable weekend in "Sin City."