FBI Joins Search For Two Missing Milwaukee Children

Agents from the FBI's child abduction unit are helping authorities in Milwaukee search for two boys missing since Sunday.

But, FBI Assistant Special Agent Linda Krieg says there's no evidence the boys have been abducted or that a crime has been committed.

The families of eleven-year-old Purvis Parker and 12-year-old Quadrevion Henning believe the boys were taken -- that they would not wandered away on their own.

It's the fifth day of searching for the boys who disappeared while playing outside. Police are fielding hundreds of tips, but have turned up no substantial leads.

Authorities say 150 volunteers and 12 dogs searched an urban forest not far from the boys' neighborhood Thursday. Divers walked arm-in-arm through a lagoon in nearby McGovern Park. And bloodhounds scrambed through the boys' yards sniffing for their trail.

Police spokeswoman Anne (AN'-ee) Schwartz says all efforts so far have not yielded any substantial leads on the children's whereabouts