Dingy Drinks of Water

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The city of Chippewa Falls is trying to wade through a water problem, minerals are turning what should be clear into a brown liquid.

In a place where the water's so good they bottle it... There's an H2O-no situation.

Mayor Daniel Hedrington says "Chippewa Falls is known for having the purest water in the world and here we have a brown water problem."

The stuff you can buy by the bottle is fine. But across the aquifer and in a couple of city wells, iron and manganese are making for some facet frustration.

Leo Hamilton says, "it was absolutely like chocolate or coca cola in the bathroom, and the water in toilet."

Hamilton, is a former Chippewa Falls mayor, who this week aired his not dirty, but stained laundry in front of the city council.

Hamilton took his wife's ruined clothing and his complaints to city leaders. He said this load adds to his laundry list of water problems.

Hamilton adds, "we don't drink it don't make coffee with it and can't even wash with it safely, we don't know what to do."

Mayor Hedrington says while they work through the solutions, he wants people to know the water is unsightly, but safe, "it's a combination of manganese and iron in the water turning it brown, no health consequences whatsoever, it's naturally occuring."

For months, the city engineers and consultants have been pouring over solutions, before they act they have to pinpoint where the problem is.

"We want to take corrective action as soon as possible," Hedrington explained.

The mayor says some potential solutions are flushing or filtering the problem wells, perhaps using an additive or worst case, finding a new well. Until then, people like Hamilton will have to keep working around city water, "I just hope they come up with a solution quick."

And the mayor is asking for patience but is ready for it all to be water under the bridge.