Couple Rescues Teenagers from Crash

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While there have been several deaths over the past four days, there is also a story of survival, because a couple from River Falls decided to take action. The St. Croix County Sheriff says its because of them that the young people are alive.

Scott and Mary Ripley were driving by the scene of a two car crash Saturday, a route they say they don't normally take, when they saw smoke from a crash. Investigators say a pickup hit another car, then slammed into a power pole, flipped and caught fire. Three young people in that truck got pinned under it... Scott Ripley says he tried to put the fire out with snow, but when he realized it wasn't working, he, his wife and one of the passengers lifted the truck enough to pull the trapped teenagers out. Scott Ripley says he doesn't feel like a hero, that he and his wife did what anyone else would do, and they did it in the knick of time.
"After we got the one guy out we saw the flames through the window and the whole thing errupted in flames. Sarah: how did you feel at that point? Ripley: "It was great pulling them out but then again they weren't in the best shape."
Ripley says it was a team effort, that the trained rescue crews did a great job. The driver of the car the truck hit was airlifted to a hospital, three passengers in the pickup were also taken for treatment.
There's no word on their condition.