Police Train to Avoid Assaults, Injuries.

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As we've seen, one of the most dangerous parts of a police officer's job is a traffic stop.
It may seem like a routine part of the job, pulling people over for speeding or a similar violation.
But that's not always the case.
That's why officers in most departments place a heavy emphasis on staying safe and not getting complacent.
Because they say, that complacency, can get you killed.
Police officers say their car, is their office.
But in this line of work, you have to expect the unexpected.
"If you look at a car, you don't know who it is in the vehicle, until you actually walk up and look in", Officer Jack Corey says.
Corey has been keeping the streets safe in Eau Claire for the last 29-years, and in that time, he's seen what can happen when you let down your guard.
"Complacency will kill you, there's no doubt about it."
That's precisely why his department and others train continuously on making safe traffic stops.
An F.B.I. Report shows nationwide from 1994 to 2003, 101 officers were killed in traffic stops and pursuits.
And most were killed when they first approached the car.
That's why Corey trains other cops to always maintain cover, and slowly approach a vehicle during a stop.
Because he says, you never know who's behind the wheel, or what they're capable of.
"It is something that has traditionally plagued law enforcement. Traffic stops are dangerous, they will continue to be dangerous, and there's not a lot we can do about that."
And police want to stress there are some things you should do if you're pulled over by officers.
First, stop and pull over to the right side of the street or highway.
Also, stay in your car. If you get out, the officer's don't know what your intentions are, or if you have a weapon.
Finally, put both of you hands on the steering wheel, until the officer asks for your license or any other information.