Cube Body

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For millions of Americans, an average day at work means hours spent slumping over a desk, squinting at a comptuer screen.
It may not be back breaking work but it can certainly leave you with a back ache.
In addition to the daily pains of poor posture the long term impacts of slouching, squinting and balancing your phone and your lunch at once can be serious.
The glaring florsecent lights, the faceless computer screen and the rhythmic tapping of keys. This is how millions of Americans spend their days, working in cubes.

These cube dwellers are enjoying the latest in what can only be called cube luxury.

"We have desks that go up or down we can sit or stand our monitors also move back and forth up and down so that's great so we don't have strain," says the RCU employee.

With the push of a button workers at Royal Credit Union can change their workplace perspective, helping prevent the two major pitfalls of the American officer worker: repetition and poor posture.

But what about the rest of us still strapped to our chairs? How do we prevent the pain of cube body?

For starters Occupational Health Therapist Jean Glanzman says be sure your monitor is at eye level.

Glanzman says, "you're looking straight ahead. Your chin is level. Your shoulders are relaxed. Your upper arms are at your side. Your elbows are bent at 90 degrees and you have straight wrists."

Also make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Your keyboard is flat on your desk, and you've got a wrist rest. Follow these tips along with varying your routine.

Glanzman says, "every half hour maybe get up and go do filing rather than saving all your filing for the end of the day."

And you can avoid serious damage. Ignore the problem and she says "you can end up with nerve irritation and that tendonitis will be hard to get rid of."

Almost as hard as it is to believe there's a place where people enjoy their cubes.