Town Hall Meeting Focuses on Fake I.D.'s

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It's no secret that kids under 21 years of age tend to find ways to drink alcohol.
And in wisconsin, experts say we have a long tradition of alcohol consumption, and underage drinking.
But tonight there was a town hall meeting to try and find ways to cut down on underage drinking.
Most of the talk tonight centered on the use of fake I-D's by kids under 21.
That includes both high school, and college students.
It seems no one believes that fakes aren't being used on college campuses and in local bars in Eau Claire.
Members of a panel discussion tonight say fakes are a way for college kids to get into bars and drink, often to excess.
But the health risk of underage drinking was also a topic.
One pediatrician told the group that kids who begin drinking before they're 21 have an increased risk of being an alcoholic, an increased risk of being arrested and an increased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
We talked to highschool kids about underage drinking, and to organizers of tonight's event to see if town hall meeting's like this can help keep kids off the bottle.
High school student Carlie Mooney told us, "Kids are kids, pretty much. A lot of kids don't listen, so kind of, do what they want to do."
Pamela Radcliffe, the coordinator of the "Reality Check 21" program added, "The community's having that dialogue and talking abou the issue and trying to figure out what steps we can take to change that, the acceptance and change the environment that's condusive to underage drinking."
On a recent survey, 83-percent of underage college students at U.W. Eau Claire admitted to drinking in the last 30-days.
And 67-percent of high school students said they had a drink, in the last 12-months.