New Rules Make Serving Alcohol a Risky Business at Miller Park

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The Brewers open a new season next Monday at Miller Park, but some volunteers whose groups earn thousands of dollars operating concessions stands aren't sure they want to be at the game.
That's because of new rules that make them fully liable for damages if they sell beer to a drunken fan.
In the past, liability coverage for serving an intoxicated fan who then causes injury or death was assumed by Sportservice, the food and beverage company serving Miller Park.

But, the new rules come after a hidden-camera investigation by "Dateline NBC" in November showed visibly drunk fans at Miller Park and another major league stadium being served alcohol over and over.

In addition, a jury in New Jersey awarded $135 million in damages last year after a fan who had been drinking at Giant’s Stadium was involved in a car crash that left a young girl paralyzed.

So far, at least one group decided the money isn't worth the risk and pulled out of working at Miller Park. Last year, nonprofits made $525,000 through the concessions program.