Body Found Thought to be Christine Rudy

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The search appears to be over for the body of Christine Rudy.

Chippewa County's Sheriff's Department investigators say they think they found the murdered pregnant woman's body and bone fragments Tuesday afternoon near the Cobban Bridge.

Sheriff's deputies in Chippewa County got a report from a neighbor that there were human bone fragments out near the bridge.

Investigators responded Tuesday, and pulled the body just before one in the afternoon.

"We searched the area of the Cobban Bridge north," said Sheriff Doug Ellis, "where the body was discovered at the bottom of the embankment."

This probably puts an end to the search for Christine Rudy's body, which started in the area in January.

That's when a wittness told police she saw Christine's husband, Shawn Rudy, shoot Christine, chop up her body and throw it over the bridge.

Sheriff Ellis says his deputies will be back out at the Cobban Bridge once more of the ice melts, and it's safe for investigators to follow up.

He says he's not sure about the condition of the body right now.

The remains are on their way to the Madison State Crime Lab for an autopsy and DNA testing, as the District Attorney in Chippewa County considers filing charges.

Shawn Rudy already faces first degree murder charges.
If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.