2006 Election Cycle Begins Tuesday

On Tuesday night, the winners and the losers will be in the books.
April the 4th is election day around Wisconsin.
But the turnout is expected to be low. And there are a couple of reasons for that.
Traditionally April elections don't have the numbers of people voting like in a primary election or a November general election.
County clerks say that's because many of the races this year only feature one person on the ballot.
Another reason is that many of the ballot issues are local in nature, and so the advertising money just isn't being spent to get people out to the polls in great numbers.
Clerks say you need to be sure to check and find out what time your polling place opens and closes in order to vote.
For example, polls in Eau Claire open at seven in the morning, and close at eight in the evening.
Janet Loomis, the Eau Claire County Clerk says there are some things you need to bring with you, if you want to vote.
"If their driver's license has the current address that's fine. If not they need to bring in a lease agreement, utility bill, real estate bill, something with their current name and address on it", Loomis told us.
Some of the big issues around Western Wisconsin include a school referendum in Altoona, and several cities and town will have an iraq war referendum on the ballot, asking voters if the U.S. Should pull out of Iraq.
We'll have the results of those questions and complete election team coverage tomorrow night right here on WEAU.Com