City Clerk: Voter Turnout in Altoona High

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The first election where Altoona's polling place is set up in their City Hall had lots of people in town voting.

As of 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, more than 1,200 voters had already shown up at the polls.

During last year's election, about 14-hundred people voted in Altoona.

Extra volunteers weren't brought in at city hall this year, but Altoona's City Clerk says the new polling place was well-publicized.

"They're all uncontested races, so, of course, the referendum is what's bringing people to vote," Cindy Bauer said.

"Otherwise we usually have a 20% turnout when it's a regular spring election."

Voters in Altoona are deciding whether to approve a 4-year, $975,000 referendum, although a similar referendum failed a year ago by a near two-to-one majority.