Should U.S. Troops be Withdrawn from Iraq?

Many of the issues on ballots across Western Wisconsin dealt with local issues.
But some communities had a vote about a national issue, the war in Iraq.
The question was, should the U.S. Government
begin an immediate withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, starting
with the National Guard and Reserves?
And here's how voters in Wisconsin are responded to that question.
In Winter 50 votes yes, while 27 people said no.
In Ojibwa 25 said yes, 16 votes no.
Voters in Frederic said yes 92 times, and said no 82.
In Amery 223 votes yes, 196 no.
Hayward voters said no with 127, and 114 yes votes.
Ladysmith voters said yes 544 times, and no 479.
In Exeland 18 votes were counted yes, but no 16 times.
Couderay voters said yes with 18 votes, and four no votes.
Finally in La Crosse 3614 votes were cast yes, with 2983 no votes.
None of these referendums mean the troops are coming home anytime soon.
But one political science professor we talked to this afternoon says no matter what the results are, it shows people on both sides are passionately involved in the process.
"Regardless of if it passes or fails, it means democracy works. It's an opportunity for somebody who may not be in the majority on a particular issue, to bring an issue before the entire population, and get people to express their opinions", John Frank said.