Altoona Voters Say "Yes" to School Referendum

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It was hugs and handshakes among a small crowd that gathered to hear the results of the Altoona school referendum Tuesday night.

As of Tuesday evening, the referendum passed by a margin of just 12 votes: 1,128 "Yes" votes, to 1,116 "No" votes.

"It's certainly great to finish on the upside in terms of a close vote like that," said District Administrator Greg Fahrman.

According to the district's website, these are items school leaders say will be saved now that the referendum has passed:

- Maintain current bus routes

- Maintain custodial/maintenance staffing at current levels

- Maintain clerical/aide support at current levels

- Maintain guidance services at current levels

- Maintain SAGE program K-3 – 15:1 student/teacher ratios

- Maintain five sections at grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

- Maintain present programming at Pedersen Elementary including art, music, physical education, and writing

- Maintain present delivery of exploratory opportunities and class sizes at the middle school

- Continue the Altoona Middle School Accountability Program that extends time and opportunity for academic success for all students; this includes study club and remediation evenings

- Maintain reasonable class sizes at the middle school and high school

- Continue to offer a variety of high school electives and Advanced Placement opportunities

- Maintain current gifted/talented opportunities

- Maintain current low-cost student registration and fee structure

- Continue to avoid fees for extracurricular activities

- Continue to offer extracurricular opportunities at current level

- Continue to offer the use of school facilities at a reduced rate or at no cost to community groups

- Continue to staff our three Library Media Centers at current level

More than 1,700 people voted from the city of Altoona. That's an increase of almost 300 from last year's spring election.