A "New Taxpayers Bill Of Rights" Plan Clears State Committee

A legislative committee Wednesday approved the Republicans' latest version of an constitutional amendment limiting how much money state and local governments can raise.

By a narrow seven-six vote, the Assembly Ways and Means Committee adopted the revisions and forwarded the amendment to the full chamber. The Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors voted 28-0 against the plan in an advisory vote.

All the Democrats on the committee voted against it, along with Republican Representative Stephen Nass of Whitewater.

Nass felt the revisions left too many loopholes for raising more revenue, and that the committee didn't have enough time to study the changes.

The latest version of the plan limits state and local governments' revenue growth only to compensate for inflation, new construction and population growth.

New revisions include rules that could limit public employees' salaries, prevent transferring money from one state fund to another and set up a statewide cap on school district revenue.