86-Year Old Anderl Wins Seat on City Council

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On Tuesday, an 86-year old man who had never been elected to public office before will be sworn in as an alderman in Chippewa Falls.

Ralph Anderl won the spot on the city council, defeating Brian Flynn 16 votes to 15.

Anderl will serve two years on the council after living in Chippewa Falls for 73 years.

He says the other members may be a generation younger than he is, but his work ethic is second to none.

"That's all I know," Anderl said. "When you've got a job, you've gotta do it."

"The fact that he was just willing to run at his age and get involved spoke a lot for him," his daughter Cheryl Cline said.

Anderl says he got the votes by having coffee and talking with other seniors in the area.