Union: St. Paul's Ford Plant To Close

There's word from the United Auto Workers union that Ford Motor Company plans to announce it's closing the St. Paul plant in 2009.

According to a written bulletin, the plant's UAW local says it was informed Thursday mornign by the international union about Ford's planned announcement.

The union distributed the bulletin to Ford workers in St. Paul. A Ford worker read the memo to The Associated Press.

Local Union President Rob McKenzie refused to comment, but says the union would hold a news conference.

A Ford spokeswoman says the company has made no such announcement, and has "nothing to announce at this point."

The St. Paul makes the Ranger pickup, which has seen sales decline sharply in recent years. It employs about 1,700 UAW members.
The plant opened in 1924.

A spokesman for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty says he had no information about any Ford announcement. Pawlenty has appealed to Ford executives in Detroit to work with state officials to find ways to keep the St. Paul plant open.