Fighting Identity Theft

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“I looked in there and my purse was gone,” said Nagaellie Rabbitt, a victim of identity theft.
In just a matter of seconds Eau Claire resident Nagaellie Rabbitt's life was in someone' else’s hands.
A day of Christmas shopping turned into an on-going crisis, putting Rabbitt more than $4000 in debt and counting.
"It makes me upset. I don't know what to do about it. There's no place to go. Who do you talk to about things like this?"
Falling victim to identity theft forced Rabbitt to incorporate a never-ending task into her daily routine.
"Check all of your statements, check your visa statements, and just keep an eye out because some place along the line, they're going to find a way to use it again.”
Governor Doyle is attempting to crack down on identity theft by opening the office of privacy protection.
"This office will be a single place they can go to and get help to help them what they need to do to protect themselves,” said Governor Jim Doyle.
The center will serve as a lifeline for victims, providing assistance on the sometimes daunting task of reversing the damage done to a person's credit.
Doyle is also proposing stricter penalties against violators and a state-wide identity theft registry, which still needs legislative approval.
"This is a way we want to protect innocent people by giving them a chance to say it wasn't me, it was somebody else.”
The office is a collaboration between the department of financial institutions and the department of agriculture, trade, and consumer protection.
To contact OPP, you can call 1-800-422-7128 or go on line to