DNR Stops Offering Burning Permits

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DNR wardens say it's not a good idea to use buring permits right now.

They've stopped issuing them for rural areas they cover in at least five Western Wisconsin counties.

Wardens say the relative humidity has been down in the teens percentage-wise, and that makes any kind of outdoor fire dangerous.

Late April and early May is when wardens really keep a close eye on things outside.

They say 98% of forest fires are started by people burning things like yard waste and debris outside.

"Right now, we're entering into our most critical period of weather and it could provide the elements for some bad fires out there," said DNR Forestry Team Leader Steve Edge.

"There's quite a few grass fires," said Battalion Chief Duane Grunst
of the Eau Claire Fire Department, "and that's attributed to drier weather and brown vegitation."

On Saturday, Eau Claire firefighters took care of a campfire that raged out of control, scorching 200 square feet of private cemetary land.

There were at least two others in the county that day.

As of Monday, they've stopped offering the permits in rural parts of Eau Claire, Chippewa, Clark, Jackson, and Monroe counties.

Edge says they may go to a ban on buring all together if conditions get worse Tuesday.

They'll make that decision in the morning.

In the urban areas, individual fire departments make the call.

The city of Eau Claire has not stopped offering burning permits.