Wisconsin Potluck Dinners Are Safe; State Decathalon Gets Grant; Old Fruitcake Found

MONDOVI, Wis. (AP) -- Governor Doyle signed into law Tuesday a bill exempting potluck meals from state health regulations, saying residents don't need the government intruding into their spaghetti dinners. He signed the measure at a potluck lunch with residents of Mondovi in western Wisconsin. State Representative Barbara Gronemus of Whitehall served up the bill after hearing anecdotal reports of overzealous health inspectors threatening to shut down the community meals at schools, churches and union halls.

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The charitable arm of a Milwaukee-based insurance company says it'll donate $150,000 annually for at least three years to the Wisconsin Academic Decathlon. The funds from Assurant Health will assure that the organization which runs the competition for high school students will continue to operate and possibly grow. The move comes after a warning from state Academic Decathlon leaders that the organization was in dire financial straits.

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) -- A Waukesha man has rediscovered in his mother's attic a fruitcake he received more than 40 years ago, and quickly set aside. Lance Nesta's two aunts sent him the fruitcake in November 1962 while he was stationed in Alaska with the Army. While looking at the cake's container this week, he noticed the listed ingredients included rum and brandy. Nesta says that, if he had known back then that it had rum and brandy in it, he would have eaten it.