Our Town Stanley: Recreation in Chapman Park

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Chapman Park is the largest park in Stanley, and city councilman Ron Holversen also calls it a town asset. "I think the people in town enjoy the park," says Holverson. "You'll see a lot of people walking down, people will drive down and they exercise through the park."

With campgrounds for long stays and playgrounds for shorter ones, the facility also plays host to large gatherings. The last day of July, the Lions Club hosts the Watermelon Festival, which fills the parks with those who love the summer fruit and craft booths.

"We also have a rodeo," says Holverson. "This'll be our third year and that has really brought the people in."

The only visitors that aren't always welcome are those big birds from up north. "We like the geese, but we don't like them staying at the lake all the time," explains Holverson.

Other than that, all are welcome, and encouraged to enjoy the outdoors.