Eau Claire Transit Seeing More Riders

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"The drivers have to work really hard,” said Gwen Van Den Heuvel, transit manager.
And that can only mean one thing.
Eau Claire transit will need to look deep into their archives for their highest rider-ship ever.
"Maybe we're going to shatter our all time record this year and it’s just great."
The company has seen a 10 and a half percent increase over what they were at this time last year.
One of the major reasons is high gas prices. But there has also been a recent trend in the type of rider that is now using public transportation.
"What we've seen primarily is women are most likely to give up their car and try the bus and one they start, they love it."
Drivers sometimes work non-stop because many of the bus routes have been full, especially routes that serve the university.
"As you can imagine there are more issues to investigate the more riders you have and to see was the driver running hot, were they running late, you know what happened. But these are all great problems to have.”
With the growing rider-ship within the transit system, hopes of expansion have been brought up, possibly bringing service to nearby Altoona in the future.