More People Trading in Large Vehicles for Smaller Fuel Efficient Cars

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When you get into your car these days, you might be thinking how much is this trip going to cost me?
For owners of large trucks and S.U.V.'s, that's a real issue....especially when it can cost sixty dollars or more to fill up.
And car dealers say they've seen an increase in the amount of people coming in to trade out, for something smaller and more fuel efficient.
Large trucks and S.U.V.'s dominate the asphalt landscape.
But some people are doing the unthinkable...Giving them up...All because of gas mileage.
"That's a big thing for them. So we've been seeing a lot more of those trade ins, come in and they're trading down into the smaller cars that get 30 or 40 miles per gallon. Because it's so important for them, in their day to day activities." car dealer Kevin Swift says.
Car dealers say with gas prices near three dollars a gallon, some are deciding fuel efficiency is the number one concern.
Some of the new vehicles on the market can get 34-miles per gallon, or more.
And that means money saved.
"It's definitely on everyone's mind when they come in, definitely", Jason Vance says.
But not everyone is following the trend.
Some dealers say no matter how high the prices go, there will continue to be a certain segment of the population that just doesn't care and will stick with a vehicle they like.
"You're going to have some people that no matter what gas prices are, they're used to driving what they're going to drive, and they're going to drive it", Vance added.
But buying a new car isn't the only way to save money.
Experts say there are some things you can do to get better mileage with the car you already own.
Remember, lighten up your car. Take out everything you don't need.
Also, get your car tuned up. If it's running efficiently, you'll waste less gas.
And check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires can help save gas.