Airport Deals

We're in the season of garage sales, anything from baby clothes to furniture is out there. Yet one large airport, is also a bargain center of sorts. Where one person's loss, could be your great find.
Too many passengers know just how easily it can happen. Losing Luggage.
You have a piece of clothing, luggage, or even a laptop.. and then it's gone. At the Dallas Fort Worth airport, a lot of it ends up in lost and found. It's not exactly a department store, but after sixty days, it's a sale hunters dream. The one question frequently asked... How can people actually lose this stuff? A bowling ball, walking canes, car seats, belts, sunglasses, glasses, jewelry, boxes of watches, and high tech stuff.

The items are held for 60 days. And then if the owner can't be found, it will
Be sold to a new one.

If you're looking for a local deal, you're out of luck for now. The
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport doesn't have a bunch of lost stuff... And when it does, employees say it usually gets claimed. However, if you want to go online to shop for lost luggage and such, log onto The Minneapolis St. Paul International airport does sell unclaimed stuff, and when it needs a new runway, sometimes it buys a hotel and sells the stuff from inside of it. Click here for that site.