Taxpayer Protection Amendment Clears First Hurdle

A bill in the legislature designed to save you money cleared its first hurdle.
Supporters say the Taxpayer Protection Amendment would cap tax money the state can collect.
But critics say it would only raise other fees you pay.
Only two votes seperated the victors from the defeated.
And that means the constitutional amendment, is moving on.
Supporters say the measure would control how much tax money the state collects, based on personal income growth.
Those in favor say it will force future legislators to go to the people to approve some future tax increases.
But critics say the measure will only increase fees in other areas of government.
At 4:30 this morning the vote said it all.....The Republican controlled assembly voted 50 to 48 in favor.
Representative Rob Kreibich told us, "I have not lost faith in myself or my colleagues to make good judgements, smart cuts. And frankly, I'm against putting government on autopilot where we're just bystanders."
"Are you happy? At this point it seems like it got cut from what it was supposed to be a long time ago? Well of course, but that's the way it is in politics. I mean, this is the most fundemental reform in state history. And when you set out to take on that much, and you end up with 75% of what you started...I'm real pleased with it", Representative Jeff Wood said.
The measure now moves on to the Wisconsin Senate, where a vote could be taken as soon as next week.
If successful, it will then be debated once again next year, before being placed on the ballot for everyone to vote on.