Operation Freefall

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For Sue Jensen, jumping out of a plane is extreme, something that used to be far from her mind.
But Jensen's firm belief in the Family Support Center in Chippewa Falls motivated her to take a leap to raise awareness for sexual assault survivors.
"We needed to raise money and I was fortunate with friends and family and relatives to raise over $2,000, so it's great. It's an accomplishment for me,” said Sue Jensen, one of the skydivers.
Two national organizations and two local: the Family Support Center and the Bolton Refuge House joined forces for Operation Freefall, a two mile high stand against sexual assault.
The effort raises funds for the organizations so they can expand their programs.
"I think it's a really, really huge statement to make about sexual assault awareness,” said Jacqueline Steinhoff, a coordinator at Bolton Refuge House.
"I have a friend who in my mind, I dedicated this jump to today,” said Robin Metcalf, a skydiver.
23 people took the plunge, most without any previous experience. So for them, it was tandem skydive with a licensed professional.
"Once you jump, the freefall goes really quick and then you're just floating. It seems like forever and it's just fantastic. You get to look around and enjoy the peacefulness of being in the air,” said Metcalf.
And for those who want to show their support but don't want to dive, making pledges to next years jumpers will help the effort soar.