Wisconsin Dells Wolf May Be Spared

A wolf spotted near Wisconsin Dells may not be killed after all.

That's because a wolf conservation group bombarded the state Department of Natural Resources with e-mails about it.

D-N-R mammalian ecologist Adrian Wydeven has said the agency was going to trap and kill the animal because of two recent attacks on small animals and because the wolf seems accustomed to humans, which could be a potentially dangerous situation.

But he says the outcry of support prompted the DNR to decide to try to capture it, tranquilize the animal and send it to the Wildlife Science Center in Minnesota.

Frank Wendland, of Wolves Offered Life and Friendship sanctuary in Colorado, started the e-mail campaign to save the wolf.

Thousands of e-mails from across the country, and even internationally, have inundated media sources and state agencies in Wisconsin.