Marquardt Trial Begins

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A trial for the man charged with murdering his mother in Chippewa County nearly six years ago is underway in Polk County.

The trial was moved due to a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity.

Prosecutors say 30-year old Bill Marquardt shot his mother Mary in the head and stabbed her twice at her home in the Town of Eagle Point.

During opening arguments, Chippewa County District Attorney Jon Theisen told a 16-person jury that there is DNA evidence to prove Marquardt committed the crime, but Defense Attorney John Brinckman says the real murder planted the evidence at marquardt's cabin near fairchild.

"There was at least one gentleman in prison who provided a motive in black and white via a ltetter and had many contacts on the outside," Brinckman said.

"The state contends that Mary Jane Marquardt's murderer was her son Bill and that is not an assertion we have to make," said Theisen.

"It's an assertion we choose to make, and we don't take it lightly."

Mary Marquardt was found shot and stabbed to death in her home near Jim Falls in march of 2000.

Her son Bill was arrested days later.

The trial is expected to take more than a week