New Booster Seat Law

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Starting Thursday, June 1, a stricter booster seat law will take affect in Wisconsin, and many of its supporters are saying it will save lives and cut down on injuries.

Wisconsin law used to only require booster seat use for children under four-years-old, but now there are more restrictions.

Children under eight years old, four-feet-nine inches tall or shorter and weighing less than 80 pounds must be in a proper restraining device, such as a booster seat.

However, Coordinator for Chippewa Valley Safe Kids, Pam Ebel, says children do not have to meet all three of the above-mentioned criteria. An easy way to test whether or not your child needs to be in a safety seat is to have them sit down in the back seat of your vehicle. If their back is flat against the seat, knees bent and feet on the floor, they should be okay.

“If their feet don’t touch the floor or they can’t put their back against the seat, the kids are going to wiggle and be out of position and can be injured in a crash,” Ebel said.

Ebel says some parents are worried they’ll unknowingly break the new law.

“I don’t want parents to panic thinking that we’re out there trying to enforce this law and make their lives difficult.”