Accused Killer is in Court

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We have new information in a Trempeleau county murder case.
52-year old Daniel Gunderson is charged with shooting his wife to death outside their home in Strum.
Now we are learning more about the minutes leading up that alleged attack.
Gunderson shuffled into the courtroom today while members of his family including his daughter, stood by.
First they listened to a doctor testify by phone how he says Laurie died.
"The cause of Laurie Gunderson's death was a penetrating gunshot wound to the head", Dr. Michael Stier, a UW Madison pathologist said.
Later a Trempealeau County Sheriff's Detective testified about what gunderson told him happened --after Laurie said there was no chance of the couple getting back together and that she was seeing someone else.
"He said he just blew,"
The shooting happened after Laurie, who moved out 2 weeks before, returned home to collect some things. When she went outside, Daniel Gunderson told police he went into the bedroom, got a loaded 22 caliber pistol from under the bed, went outside and shot his wife.
He then called 9-1-1
During questioning, the detective said Gunderson told him he was in "disbelief" over the shooting and never before thought of hurting Laurie.
Gunderson's defense attorney tried several times to establish gunderson's mental state, including if he was drinking, but was stopped by the district attorney's objections.
"I was trying to use the hearing for some discovery, I got some I didn't get others. That's what we have to wait for. I have enough information to establish a thought process about how we're going ot have to proceed for the defense and we'll move forward from there", Michael Cohen said.
Cohen says it's too soon for him to speculate about any plea deals.
Gunderson remains in the Trempealu County Jail. His next court date is set for August.