Weekend Festival Sees Increase in Attendees

Organizers of the Eleva Broiler Festival say great weather over the weekend brought more people to town than they've seen in many years.

Hundreds lined Highway 93 for the parade Sunday afternoon, which was made up of almost 100 different floats. 300 volunteers are at the Fest during the weekend.

It seems that a similar event in Arcadia last weekend didn't cut into traffic in Eleva.

"We seem to draw a large part of our crowd from Eau Claire,” Festival President Brett Semingson said. “I don't think they have that. They come from the south there. I know there are a few that go to both, but I think two different crowds explain why they're both so successful."

Typically, they'll serve up about 9,500 pieces of charcoal chicken and pull in almost $20,000 during the weekend. 100 percent goes back into the community.