Remains found in Cave

The remains of James Mitchell have been removed from a cave in upstate New York after 41 years.

They were entombed there after rescuers were unable to get his body out of the treacherous cave where he died on February 13th, 1965.

Mitchell, a 23 year old chemist from Massachsuetts, died of exposure while hanging from his harness above a cavern, ten gallons of icy water coursing over his head every minute. After his body was lowered, workers dynamited the cave, sealed it with rocks and placed a memorial headstone above it.

Christian Lyon, a Dolgeville, New York, native whose grandfather discovered the cave in 1947, had the blessing of Mitchell's family and local officials to recover his body, and he filmed the event for a documentary.

Mitchell's remains were not recovered sooner because the cave had been seen by many as his grave site.