Deadline Nears for Greenwood Dog Owners

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A couple in Greenwood is mere hours away from a city-imposed deadline to get rid of four of their six dogs.

City council members say a bunch of complaints drove them to make it illegal for people in town to have more than two dogs.

Gina and John Niemeyer say that will drive them out of business.

City leaders say their dogs bark at all hours of the day and their yard is unkempt, but the Niemyers say they're not the only ones who disagree.

"I have one neighbor who told us that he was asked to write a complaint and he wouldn't do it saying they're not loud, they're not obnoxious, they're great dogs and great people," Gina said.

"The pure and simple fact is that these dogs have to behave in a way that everyone gets along and there can't be fears of getting hurt and things like that," said Greenwood Mayor Robert Moseley.

Greenwood's Police Chief says he'll be advised by the City Attorney on how to enforce the ordinance.

Gina and John are looking for support from the community. They can be contacted at (715) 267-6781 or emailed at