Staff Sgt. Lybert Laid to Rest

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The streets of Ladysmith were flooded with people Monday morning.

A show of support and patriotism during another hard time in town.

"It's tough for the community," said Family Spokesperson Dean Meyer, "But the community is a resilient community."

Staff Sergeant Patrick Lybert brought that quality with him to Iraq, then to Afghanistan.

His fellow soldiers say he always went forward without reservation, even in some of the most volatile places on the planet.

"He never whined, never complained, always willing to do the tough missions," said his friend Staff Sergeant Chris Aubrey.

It was that selflessness that brought him to try to save other soldiers two weeks ago in the heat of battle.

"He's a hero. He died doing the right thing."

Staff Sergeant Lybert had told friends and family that once he was done serving his country, he was going to serve and protect his community as a police officer.

"I think he would have been just a fantastic police officer," Meyer said.

But times of war don't always lead to happy homecomings.

The consolation is support from relatives and friends, even people who never met Staff Sergeant Lybert.

Those who did won't forget the way he made dangerous days in the Middle East laughable after the fact, and his natural ability to lead.

"He's the kind of guy you wanted to emulate," Staff Sergeant Aubrey said, "because it oozed out of him."

And into others who know those qualities are now his legacy.