Detour Causes Problems in Fall Creek

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It's not just people on the roads dealing with the pains of construction, but local businesses in Fall Creek are equally frustrated.
And the pain of a few minutes means less to commuters than lost dollars to business owners.
The Korner Store gas station in Fall Creek usually would be ringing the register a lot more this time of year.
"Business is down about one-third at least," Korner Store manager Tammy Davis says.
Less people are filling up and it's not because of the high gas prices, it's because for the past month the normal traffic on highway 12 is detoured south and around Fall Creek.
And the Korner Store is not the only affected business.
"It's had a significant economic impact, especially on the businesses dependent on drive through traffic," Village Board Trustte Mike Beranek says.
To help, local bank manager jeanne wilhelm is trying to organize businesses to let people know that while the roads may be closed, fall creek is still open.
"We made maps that show people how to get to the different businesses with what roads are open," local bank manager Jeanne Wilhelm says.
In the labyrinth known as downtown Fall Creek, businesses are placing signs directing to the shop and offering specials to attract customers.
And for some, just getting to work is tough.
"It takes me an extra 10 minutes because of the construction," Davis says.
Businesses will not be subsidized for any losses during the construction which Village Trustee Mike Beranek says is still on schedule to be completed October 15th.