Rising Gas Prices

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Statewide, gas prices have inched up again, even after the 4th of July travel rush.
Prices in Eau Claire have cracked the $3 mark in a few places, with prices in the southeast corner of Wisconsin hitting $3.19 a gallon.
Gas is only getting more and more expensive. At some stations this morning, gas prices were only 2.99. Now it's up as high as $3.09.
Erin Roth, executive director of Wisconsin Petroleum Council says gas prices go up for many different reasons.
That includes international unrest, the current hurricane season, and the recent record crude oil prices of more than $75.00 a barrel.
“It's all about supply disruption and having to make up that loss in Florida from somewhere else. So whenever there's a hiccup in the system it causes a rise in prices because of the lack of supply,” says Roth.
Those rising gas prices are especially affecting businesses that depend primarily on delivery service.
Sara Baer who owns Avalon Floral has tried to make changes in order to work with those prices.
“What we've done is change how we schedule our deliveries. We try to get more deliveries in each run,” says Baer.
She's also having her drivers shop around for the best bargains—meaning the lowest prices and those stations that offer gas rebates.
Baer says her biggest change is getting rid of one vehicle.
She has already bought a new one to save the cash and the gas
“The other thing that we've done is purchased a new vehicle. We've purchased a better vehicle that got better mileage. “
Baer says her vans get about 15 to 17 miles a gallon. Her new vehicle, a Toyota Scion, gets about 25-30 miles a gallon.
She does add, if the price of gas goes up more, she's not going to let that get in the way.
Erin Roth says because gas prices are already at this point, if a major event hits, such as a hurricane, that could drive the prices even higher.
Naturally, Roth adds people can help lower gas prices by lowering demand.