Fire Danger Results in Burn Bans

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Firefighters around the Chippewa Valley are taking measures to account for dry weather in the area.

So far in the city of Eau Claire, they're only refusing burning permits to people on windy days, while firefighters in Chippewa Falls won't give out permits until there's more rain.

Township firefighters are banning all recreational burning in the Eau Claire County Towns of Seymour, Union, Washington, Brunswick, Pleasant Valley, and most of Clear Creek, and they're not handing out permits until there's a good soaking rain in the area.

"We try to be the good guys and primarily what we're doing is controlling and letting people know that we're not issuing burning permits," said Assistant Chief Okie Allen of the Township Fire Department.

In Altoona, there's a ban on recreational burning and outdoor water use is limited to every other day.

The fire chief there says they'll need two to three days of rain to lower the fire danger.

There's also a county-wide ban on burning in Dunn County.

(This report is as of 7/10/06)