Triage Tuesdays Starting Statewide

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In the event of multiple injuries from one single event, medical personnel and supplies can become overwhelmed in trying to provide care. A new system seeks to streamline those crises.

Hospitals and emergency service providers around the state will participate in "Triage Tuesdays", which is a practice round using triage tags.

The tags evaluate a patient physically and emotionally in about a minute, which can decide treatment during incidents where speed can be life saving.

"We could have many casualties involved and those are things that don't happen very often, thankfully," says NNW Regional Trauma Council Coordinator Judy Jones, who also is the EMS Coordinator of Luther Hospital. "It's low frequency, high risk and therefore, it makes it doubly important to recognize the tools that are out there to help make their jobs easier in those circumstances."

Participation by patients in "Triage Tuesday" is voluntary. It will be each Tuesday in July, and the first Tuesday of the month afterward.