Rogers Set Free

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On Wednesday morning, Dale Rogers said it was a little too early to actually describe what it's like to be free again.

He's a brother of John Rogers, the man who admitted to shooting Robert Pfeil Jr. to death in 1979, and burying the gun.

A judge ruled that Dale Rogers had accumulated credit for time served, and under a now-outdated system, would have been eligible for parole by now anyway.

"To release somebody from prison for credit for time served, I feel, sends the wrong message to the community, but the judge did not agree, and he's our only judge, so we're stuck with him and I'll have to deal with it," said District Attorney Kathleen Pakes.

Dale Rogers had helped solve the murder case earlier in the year.

His brother John is awaiting sentencing.

"prison is for people who aren't safe in society and need to be away from society," Dale Rogers said. "I have never needed any, I have never been a threat to society."

A third brother, Robert, who has since committed suicide but was believed to have been involved, had a girlfriend, Cherie Barnard, who has been charged in connection with the murder.

Pakes, who had asked that Dale Rogers serve a five-year prison sentence, considers this a minor defeat in the larger scope of this case.

Though she added that she feels as though she let Pfeil's family down.