Beat the Summer Heat

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With the hot weather, many are choosing to lock themselves in that comfortable air conditioned living room,
While for others, it's just an even better opportunity to be outdoors.
Experts say people should at least carry a bottle of water when going out.
Sitting out for a family picnic on a sunny summer day can be a delightful way to spend the day, but the hot humid weather could be dangerous.
The Centers for Disease and Control reports more than 8,000 people died between 1979 and 1999 from the heat.
In 2001, 300 deaths were caused by excessive heat exposure.
Experts say all of those incidents were preventable.
There are ways for people to stay cool even outdoors.
Despite today's hot weather, many people are finding their own ways to have fun outside to beat the heat.
It's not just staying in the water that can help you cool off, Dietician Susan Kasik-Miller also says what you drink and eat can help.
“You need to think about foods that are a little lighter, a little less fat, a little bit easier to digest because when we have food in our bellies it does increase our temperature so you don't want things to stick around your belly for very long.”
Drinking enough fluids doesn't mean just drinking water.
Miller says drinking milk, juices, and ice teas can also be helpful.
She does say, if it's possible, think twice before taking out that cold can of beer.
“Alcohol does two things to you, increase your body temperature as well as dry you out.”
Plus, Miller adds people should avoid anything with a high amount of caffeine as those can take the needed water from your body.