Chippewa Falls Woman Honored for Flowers at Fair

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Dorothy Baldeschwiler is in her 22nd year of entering flower and vegetable competitions and over that time has amassed more than 540 ribbons just here at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.
Yesterday I watched her set-up her beautiful flowers for the judges, but her garden at home is where these award winners first blossom.
Dorothy Baldeschwiler always enjoyed growing flowers in her garden at home. Thousands of petals, leaves and stems...
She also enjoyed going to the fairs and seeing the flower exhibits.
So when she uprooted to Chippewa Falls a little over 20 years ago she thought she could grow a collection of ribbons to go with her flowers.
"I decided to display a few things and everything worked out good." Baldeschwiler said.
I don't know if good is the proper word. Maybe fantastic or great.
Now in her 22nd year of displaying, she's brought home 541 ribbons.
"It's been a lot of work," Baldeschwiler added.
You'd think an 83 year old woman living with no one, but the martens living in her garden would need help with all that but not Dorothy.
"My neighbor does the roto-tilling and the rest is all me," she said.
And does she have a favorite flower she's grown over the years?
"Right here. These are my trumpet lillies," she said.
With all the work to get these flowers to look so beautiful, some people might plant themselves on the couch.
Dorothy just wants to keep gardening.
"As long as i can keep the weeds down and the flowers up, "Baldeschwiler said
Dorothy's winning streak is continuing this year. She raked in 16 more ribbons at this year's fair bringing her total to 557.