Murder Victim's Friends Push for "Leah's Law"

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Leah Gustafson was a 29 year old Eau Claire Alum living and working in superior when she was killed in her apartment this January.

Police say 32 year old Jason Borelli, who lived across the street convinced Leah to buzz him into her building, got into her apartment and then stabbed and choked her to death.

After his arrest Leah's friends learned Borelli had a long violent criminal record, so they took action.

Several of Leah's friends are now going door to door in communities all across Wisconsin hoping to collect signatures for Leah's law.

The law would notify people when a repeat violent offender moves in next door, similar to the state's current sex offender law.

It's something her friends say could've saved Leah's life.

"If you get notification that someone is moving into your neighborhood that has a violent past you can take more precautions about what you're doing in your neighborhood, " says a longtime friend of Leah's, Alissa Wilde.

"He would've never gotten through her door she would've called 911 immediately when he came through the door."

Leah's friends have already collected close to five thousand signatures around Superior and have plans to rally support throughout the state.

"She would have been out here working her tail off to get a law passed if it had been any one of us and I'm not going to give her any less than she would've given me," says another friend Melinda Cooper.

The women have also left petitions at UW-Eau Claire for people to sign. If you want more information you can go to

Leah's accused killer, Jason Borelli, will face a murder trial October 30th.