Nurseries need Extra Water in Heat

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No matter where you are in western Wisconsin, it's hard to hide from that blistering sun.
And those plants outdoors need a little extra water.
"Watering is our biggest challenge," Owner of Lowes Creek Tree Farm Therese Olson said.
At Lowes Creek Tree Farm south of Eau Claire, 300 acres of land and thousands of plants and trees need more than just a little water.
"We have 2-3 workers working 8-10 hours a day just watering plants," Olson said.
Olson says she hasn't seen it this bad out here since 1988 and, even with constant watering, some plants are harder to maintain.
"Potted plants try to expand and because they aren't in the ground dry out sooner," Olson said.
The main business at the tree farm is through Christmas tree sales, which makes ensuring their health is highly important...5 month before the peak of Christmas tree season.
"The ones we planted in the spring, we just walked the line today and we expect 100-percent survival," Olson added.
That's thanks to a special mulching technique but there are worries about the newer seedlings.
"We've tried to keep the stock very watered," Olson said.
And in the busines of growing, a little water goes a long way.