Standoff, Arrest at Eau Claire Hotel

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Around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, a manager at the Green Tree Inn told police that the guy was all riled up because he was about to get thrown out of the place.

Officers say he has a criminal history, some of it violent, so they brought in a swat team and raided the room.

They had tried to negotiate with the man for an hour and a half.

So after breaking into the room, they shot him with what they call "less lethal" rounds, which are beanbags fired from a 12-gage shotgun.

"With this person, we didn't know what he was capable of. He had made some threats to both law enforcement and management here," said Sgt. Travis Quella of the Eau Claire Police Department.

"Everything was under control," neighbor Cliff Spletstofer said.

"There was no way he was gonna come out of that door."

Officers say the man isn't from Eau Claire, and was the only person in the room when they got there.

During the incident, police blocked off an area of about four city blocks.

Two neighbors called the man strange after the incident, One went as far as to call him scary.

Officers say they'll recommend charging him with disorderly conduct, tearing apart the room, and resisting arrest.