Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Allegedly Pepper Sprayed Children at Parade

A woman in Hixton along with two other families, have filed a formal complaint against a Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy. They claim he pepper sprayed about six people during a Fourth of July parade.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department has declined numerous times to comment on the incident during the investigation.
When a crew stopped at the department yesterday, they were given a written statement from Sheriff Richard Young who declined an on-camera interview. The statement reads that the department cannot discuss the incident during the investigation.

NewsCenter 13 was, however, able to talk to the woman who was driving the float during the incident. Her daughter was one of the people who allegedly got pepper sprayed. She wonders what will happen next time the deputy gets angry, and if he will possibly pull out his gun instead.

The mother tells us the float was filled with about 20 people, many of them 6 and 8 year olds, some of whom were spraying water with squirt guns at uniformed officers at the time.