Cheaper Tuition For Wisconsin Students At U of M Than For Minnesota Residents

Wisconsin students will continue to pay less tuition at University of Minnesota campuses than students from that state.

The two states have extended a reciprocity agreement. In the coming school year, it means Wisconsin residents will pay between $1,000 and $2,700 on Minnesota students, depending on the campus.

The long-standing disparity has irritated Minnesota students, their parents, university officials and state lawmakers. Minnesota legislators ordered the Office of Higher Education to try to negotiate a better deal.

U of M senior analyst Peter Zetterberg says those efforts were unsuccessful because the agreement signed last month makes no substantial change to the previous deal.

Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board spokeswoman Connie Hutchison says the two states will try to settle the difference at the end of each year using a complex formula based on tuition rates and student enrollment.

Wisconsin paid six million dollars to Minnesota last year. But, Hutchison says that money goes to the state's general fund, not the campuses.